What is a PIP Vault?

A PIP Vault is a digital dataroom where you can see relevant property information about specific properties you are interested in.

A PIP Vault’s purpose is to ensure you are as well informed about the property as possible before you offer on it. Because information is gathered before the sale is agreed it also speeds up the sale and make it more transparent.

Once a sale is agreed all the information required will be in one place for you and your conveyancer.

What is in a PIP Vault?
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Accessing the PIP Vault

To see the information in a properties PIP Vault, you need the property specific link. This is available from the estate agent and may be found on their property details. If you’re not sure if the estate agent selling a property you are interested in, is using PIPs, then please ask them. If they aren’t, let us know direct and suggest they contact us as well.

Clicking on the PIP Vault link in a set of property details will take you directly to the PIP for that specific property. Register or log in to see and download all the documents posted for that property. Once you have accessed the PIP Vault, you will be sent notifications of any changes or further documents added.

Whether it’s a starter house or a family home, you’ll find everything you need to know in the PIP Vault.

Offer accepted!

Once your offer has been accepted, you’ll be assigned as the buyer in the PIP Vault by the estate agent. This will allow you to see the Restricted Access area of the PIP Vault. This section can only be seen by the estate agent, seller, seller’s conveyancer, your conveyancer and yourself. Both conveyancers can post information to the site.

As new documents are added to the site, you’ll be notified by email.

As the sale progresses forward, you, the seller and the agent can monitor progress, making the whole process transparent for everyone. You’ll also see the time from acceptance of offer to exchange of contracts is vastly reduced.

If at any stage you have questions, the estate agent is the first person to contact. Otherwise please email homeenquiries@piphome.co.uk.