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Getting Started

Thanks for choosing Property Information Products. PIP aims reduce the time taken to sell houses by providing a digital data room to share documents and information about all the properties you market. It’s about giving you control and visibility of the flow of information and a transparent process to speed you to success.

How to register your estate agency with PIP Ltd

To register, you should complete a form with the following information:

  • Company name
  • Head office address
  • Website address
  • Office telephone number and email address
  • Key contact at your company
  • Company Logo
  • Office names
  • Negotiators' name, email, and tel numbers

You can do so here at "Get Started".

Once this is done, we’ll confirm your registration within 24 hours, by an email to the key contact.

Now you can start tagging your properties for sale with “PIP-instructed”. Also include the link on all your property details to let your potential buyers know where they can see the information

How to start using PIPs

As soon as you receive the email confirming your company is registered, you can open your first PIP. Follow the link on the email and click on the create button in the top right corner of the estate agent’s dashboard.

Engaging with your contacts

It’s important to note that when you create a PIP, emails requesting information will be sent to your clients. This makes it crucial to let your clients know what PIPs is about and the key reasons you think PIPs will benefit everyone in the sale process.

As well as your clients, once a conveyancer has been appointed, let them know about PIPs and prompt them to register. This will mean faster turnaround when you assign them to the PIP.

Creating your first PIP

The information you will need to create a PIP

  • Property name and address
  • Freehold/leasehold
  • If the property is listed
  • Negotiator responsible for the property
  • Seller’s email address
  • Conveyancer’s email address (if appointed)

Once this information is entered to the site, you have opened your first PIP.

Making the most of a PIP

As mentioned above, creating the PIP will prompt the system to send off emails.

One of these emails will come to you, asking you to post documents and information, indicating where this can be found or created. You’ll also see copies of emails requesting information from your client.

Your client can not post the information directly to the site, only you and the conveyancer can post information on the site. This means you’ll have to do this on their behalf.

Take a moment to advertise the link you are given on the property details and on the websites you use so that everyone knows they’ll get a clearer, faster sale.

Posting information to a PIP

To post information to a PIP from the estate agent’s dashboard

  • Click on the specific property to see your PIP management screen
  • Scroll down to the relevant heading
  • Click on the upload button and post the document from your files
Opening another PIP

To open a further PIP return to the estate agent’s dashboard and select the create button in the top right-hand corner.


Please feel free to email your questions to