What is a PIP?

A Property Information Pack (PIP) is a set of property documents required for a house sale, held digitally. Its purpose is to speed up the sale and make it more transparent. The site is a space to share all the information you, the buyer, the estate agent and the conveyancers will need.

What is in a PIP?
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How it works
  1. Your estate agent opens the PIP on your behalf
  2. Documents will then be collected by your agent and/or conveyancer and posted to your PIP
  3. You’ll get an email confirming the PIP is open and how the site works
  4. You’ll be asked to return some forms to your estate agent or conveyancer
  5. As documents are completed and posted to the site, you’ll be notified and you can continue to monitor progress and timelines
Offer accepted!

Once you accept an offer the restricted access area is used. This section can only be seen by the estate agent, buyer, buyer’s conveyancer, your conveyancer and yourself. Both conveyancers can post information to the site.

In the restricted access area, the following can be posted:

Seeing these documents and the dates when they are posted will allow you to see the timelines of the conveyance process and the progress to date.

As the sale moves forward, you, the seller and the agent can monitor progress, making the whole process transparent for everyone. You’ll also see the time from acceptance of offer to exchange of contracts is vastly reduced.

If at any stage you have questions, your estate agent is the first person to contact. Otherwise please email enquiries@pipreport.co.uk.